College assessment

During Academic Year 2018-19, the College began implementing a new plan for the assessment of learning outcomes for academic programs (majors, minors, certificates). The initiative, however, was paused while many of us had to focus our energies on other administrative and teaching duties during the pandemic and graduate student strike. It is now time to restart the plan.

General plan

We will move forward with a modified version of the previous plan, but on a shorter timeline. During AY 2023-24, you will complete the following for each credential offered through your unit:

  • Review their learning outcomes, revise them as appropriate, and submit them to the College
  • Develop and, if possible, implement a plan to assess student perceptions of the learning outcomes

During AY 2024-25, you will:

  • Implement, if you did not do so during AY 23-24, your plan for assessing student perceptions of the learning outcomes
  • Develop a plan for the assessment of the learning outcomes and begin implementing the plan

The various tasks are described below. Additional details will be provided at a later date.

Critical dates





November 10, 2023

Learning outcomes for all credentials


March 22, 2024

Plan for assessment of student perceptions of the learning outcomes


October 1, 2024*

Report on findings about student perceptions of learning outcomes


January 10, 2025*

Plan for assessment of learning outcomes


May 30, 2025*

Initial report on results of learning outcomes assessment

* Subject to change

Revised assessment plan

Task 1. Review the learning outcomes you have established for each of credentials you offer at the undergraduate level—this means all degrees/majors (BA, BFA and BS), minors, and certificates. Revise them, as appropriate, in consultation with the faculty in your unit and consistent with your governance procedures. If your unit submitted learning outcomes previously, you can download them via the College Assessment app. Once you have finalized your learning outcomes, you will upload the 2023-24 version in the College Assessment app. If you are unsure where to begin with this task, please contact us at  

Task 2. With the learning outcomes for your credentials affirmed, the next step will be to develop a plan for assessing student perceptions of them. You will need to create a measuring device/survey or focus group strategy that will help you determine how successful you have been in the minds of your students when it comes to the learning outcomes. The only thing required for this task is completion of the plan and associated documents (survey, focus group questions, etc.). Implementation will be the next task.

Task 3. You will implement your student perceptions assessment plan and submit a report on your findings. You will also discuss how your findings have changed or will change your learning outcomes or assessment plan going forward.

Task 4. You have established learning outcomes and put survey systems in place to assess student perceptions of your unit’s delivery of those learning outcomes. You will now develop a plan of assessment activities to help you determine the extent to which students who complete your academic program(s) achieve the learning outcomes.

Task 5. You will implement your learning outcomes assessment plan and submit a report on your assessment activities and results.