AAR Change No. 2

Courses Excluded From Major Informational Utility

Beginning with Summer 2020 requirements, greater care is give to differentiate in both the Bulletin and AAR which courses are considered in the major area (what cannot be counted toward "College Breadth") and which can count toward the major hours and other requirements. These two groups are often, but not always, the same.

This utility displays any courses that are considered to be in the major area, but are not allowed to count toward the major.

Note: this change applies only to B.A. degrees.
Summary of changes
Location[Did not exist]Major Requirements

This is an informational utility to aid advisement, and is not a true requirement. Shows courses that are considered in the "Major Area," but do not count toward the major because they either:

  • Appear on the "Exclusions" list within the major
  • Violate a "Restriction" within the major
Display setting--Displayed only when a student takes a qualifying course
  • These courses count toward Total Hours
  • These courses count toward College 100
  • These courses do NOT count toward College Breadth
  • These courses do NOT count toward Major hours or requirements
  • Exceptions should not be directed to this utility



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