AAR Change No. 6

Hours from a 4-Year Institution

Indiana University and College of Arts and Sciences policy limits the number of credit hours from a 2-year institution that may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree. Prior to Summer 2020, this was displayed on the AAR as "Junior College hours beyond 60." Any course beyond this limit was effectively quarantined on the AAR and could not be counted toward any requirements. 

Beginning Summer 2020, consistent with principles outlines elsewhere, this requirement is recast as "Hours from a 4-Year Institution," which looks for a minumum instead of enforcing a limit.

Summary of changes
LocationCollege GPA and Total HoursCollege GPA and Total Hours
DescriptionTitled "Junior College hours beyond 60," the block captured all courses taken at a 2-year school beyond the 60 credit hours that are allowed.Titled "Hours from a 4-Year Institution", indicates that students should have at least 60 hours of applicable coursework from a 4-year institution to apply toward their degree.
Display settingAlways displayedAlways displayed
  • The requirement does not show you which 2-year school courses were counting.
  • Exceptions are required when it is desirable to alter the 60 credit hours that are counting. In other words, there are times when we wish for courses other than those in the first 60 credit hours to count toward requirements. 
  • No student may graduate from the College without earning at least 60 credit hours at a 4-year institution
    • The separate College Residency requirement ensure at least 36 of these are at IUB and in the College
  • Consequences of removing the Junior College counter:
    • All credit hours from 2-year institutions will count in the AAR where appropriate
    • Exceptions to manipulate the AAR's utliization of courses from 2-year institutions are no longer required
  • Friendly reminder: IU policy states that Vincennes University is a 2-year school



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