AAR Change No. 3

College 100

Prior to Summer 2020, the "100 hours inside the College" (College 100) was calculated using the A+B approach, with A being Major Hours (subject to the 42-hour limit for B.A. degrees) and B being Elective Hours inside the College. This was calculated for each program ("COLL1", "SGIS1", "MSCH1", "SOAD1", etc.) of the student.

Beginning with Summer 2020, College 100 will comprise of all courses inside the IUB College of Arts and Sciences plus any non-College hours that count toward the student's major. The requirement will now appear in each plan within the Major block.

Summary of changes
LocationCollege GPA and Total HoursMajor Requirements
DescriptionCalculated by hours by A (Maximum 42 hours inside the Department for B.A. degrees) plus B (Elective hours inside the College).This requirement is unique to each major. Calculated as sum of all courses in the Major Area (for the given major), including non-College Major Area courses, and College Breadth.
Display settingAlways displayedAlways displayed
  • For B.A. majors, the calculation method requires you to first review the Major Hours block to determine whether the 42-hour limit has been reached and, if so, exclude the it from College 100 calculations
  • Students with mutiple major plans on the AAR gained an unfair advantage because the because the Major Hours blocks were aggregated in the calculation of A
  • Students with multiple majors on an AAR may have different totals since each is now calibrated to the plan level
  • It is much easier to predict if something will count
    • Is it from a College discipline?
    • Is it on a course list for a non-Addenda major requirement?
    • Is it being directed toward a non-Addenda major requirement by exception?


Pre-Summer 2020 AAR (old)
AAR Change 3 - Old
Summer 2020 AAR (new)
AAR Change 3 - New