AAR Change No. 5

First 60 Hours Toward a Degree Informational Utility

There are times when one has to be able to calcuate the College of Arts and Sciences Residency requirement manually, especially when the first 60 hours threshold is met in the middle of a term. This utility displays the first 60 hours so that it is clearer where the breakpoint is.

Summary of changes
Location[Did not exist]College GPA and Total Hours
Description--This is an informational utility to aid advisement, and is not a true requirement. This shows the first 60 hours as selected by the AAR toward a degree, and may be helpful when advising toward College residency.
Display setting--Always displayed
  • Once the 60th credit hour is met, the next credit hour from a College discipline will start the College of Arts and Sciences Residency counter
  • College Residency looks ONLY for College courses; it does not look for "Major Area" courses



AAR Change 5 - New