AAR Change No. 1

College Breadth

Beginning with Summer 2020 requirements, the 42-hour limit (B.A. degrees only) was replaced with a new requirement in each major called "College Breadth." Not to be confused with CASE Breadth of Inquiry, College Breadth ensures that students take enough liberal arts and sciences courses outside of their major.

Note: this change applies only to B.A. degrees.
Summary of changes
LocationCollege GPA and Total HoursMajor Requirements
DescriptionStudents can only take up to 42 hours in a department anything beyond that becomes Elective Hours Outside the College and does not count toward 100 hours inside the College.Students must take at least 58 credit hours inside the College, but outside of the major discipline and major courses.
Display settingAlways displayedAlways displayed
  • Because this was expressed as a limit, it was difficult to appreciate what happened to the courses that exceeded the minimum (they dumped into Elective Hours Outside the College); in other words, sometimes a major course counted toward College 100 and sometimes it did not
  • All College Breadth credit hours count toward College 100
  • For Interdepartmental B.A. degrees, the minimum 38 credit hours


Pre-Summer 2020 AAR (old)
AAR Change 1 Example - Old
Summer 2020 AAR (new)
AAR Change 1 Example - New